Phote reportage of the Oceanwide Expeditions trip to Antarctica.

The Ross Sea and beyound (15-02 t/m 21-03-2013)


Video clips of this yourney on YouTube.

click HERE or look at www.youtube.com/eltjoschut


                    Traveling:       The journey to New Sealand and visit the Queens Park in Invercargill.

                    Day 1 to 3:     Embarking the Ortelius and on the way to the Macquarie Island.

                    Day 4:            Macquarie Island: Australian Antarctic station at Buckles Bay and Sandy Bay area.

                    Day 5:             Macquarie Island: Zodiac cruise at Lusitania Bay.

                    Day 6 to 9:      Across the convergence, South of 60°, Near Balleny Islands, Across the Antarctic Circle, South to the Ross Sea.

                    Day 10:           Towards Cape Adare. First time sunny weather, time for a helicopter flight.

                    Day 11:           Strong winds at Camp Ridley, Cape Adare. Packice in the evening and the first Emperor Penguin.

                    Day 12:           Zodiac cruise to Cape Hallett.

                    Day 13:           To much ice for Terra Nova Bay, passing Franklin Island towards Ross Island.

                    Day 14:           1)  Scott's Terra Nova Hut at Cape Evans on Ross Island.

                                           2)  Inside Scott's Terra Nova Hut.

                                           3)  Towards McMurdo Sound, many Killer Whales and a walk on ice, with a Emperor Penguin.

                    Day 15:           1)  The Dry Valleys.

                                           2)  Scott’s Discovery hut at Hut Point.

                    Day 16:           1)  Visit to New Zealand's Scott Base and climbed the Observation Hill.

                                           2)  Shackleton's Nimrod hut at Cape Royds.

                    Day 17 to 19:  Heading out of the Ross Sea and cross the international date line.

                    Day 20 to 23:  Sailing in the Amundsen Sea.

                    Day 24 to 25:  Exploring the Amundsen Sea.

                    Day 26:           Helicopter landing on the remote volcanic Peter I Island.

                    Day 27 to 28:  Bellingshausen Sea and Antarctic Peninsula.

                    Day 29:           Antarctic Peninsula.

                    Day 30 to 31:  Crossing the calm Drake Passage, view on Cape Horn.

                    Day 32:           Disembarking in Ushuaia and back home.

                    Special things:  1) All the people on board the m/v Ortelius.

                                           2) Sailing route maps.

                                           3) Ice charts.

                                           4) Daily programms.               





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